A well-maintained pump can mean the difference between a smooth running water system and a disaster. Even experienced technicians can create issues that lead to pump failure, which is why you need a highly trained and prepared professional like the team from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® to do the job right the first time. We can install, maintain and repair common pumps used in a variety of applications.

Installing, maintaining and servicing pumps can mean the difference between a smooth running system and a mess. Some representative examples of pumps include:

Water Pumps

Most residential water pumps are used for irrigation as part of a lawn sprinkler system, consisting of various plumbing parts, piping and control equipment. Water pumps are generally reliable, but they don't last forever.

Pool Pumps

An electric water pump is the primary piece of equipment in re-circulating the water from the pool through a filtering system. Water is forced through a filter and then returned, treated, to the pool. Residential pool pumps are typical run for 4 hours per day in winter (when the pool is not in use) and up to 8 hours in summer.

This switch between summer and winter can lead to problems like bad seals, dry rotation of the pump, belt failure, or build-up of bad coolant.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are used to help prevent basement flooding. They provide protection especially in finished basements that contain recreation rooms, offices and bedrooms. The pump collects excess water and moves it away from your home's foundation as the water table rises and falls throughout the year. A variety of pumps and sizes are available including electrical, water powered and battery powered back up models for use in areas prone to power outages.

Rising water in your basement sump pit, especially during times of heavy snow melt or rain, can lead to flooding. Don't wait until you lose valuable furnishings and damage your flooring and walls before you call an expert plumber.

If it's time to schedule maintenance of your existing pump, you are installing new sprinklers, a pool pump, or you are worried you may have a pump failure, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and we'll be happy to assess your issues, talk you through repairs, and get you on with your day.

Services vary by location. Call for details.

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